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Singing Lessons Windsor

Singing Lessons Windsor is hosted by singer/songwriter and musician Denny Lloyd.

Denny offers unique one to one contemporary singing lessons specialising in Pop

from his home studio in central Windsor Berkshire.




Denny specialises in bringing the best out of your voice in both a live and studio environment. With one to one singing lessons for all abilities and ages.


Each session includes a free recording onto a CD or MP3 for you to take home and improve on.

Backing tracks are provided for free.

You can choose the songs you wish to sing and if you have your own songs or song ideas then Denny will help you develop those into a finished product.


In the lessons you will learn about:


-Breathing Techniques

-Vocal Range

-Warm Up exercises

-Mic Techniques

-How To Comp Vocals and put together a top line vocal

-How To harmonise

-Ear training and tone development

-Song dynamics

-Song Composition

-Song Structure

-Each session includes:

-Free Backing Tracks or Accompaniment

-A free recording on a CD or MP3 for you to take home    and improve on.




53 St Leonards Road






M:07775 712255

Denny Lloyd


Denny has been a professional

Singer-Songwriter and Musician

for over 18 years.  

Working as a free lance musician

teaching, gigging, writing,

recording and Producing music.


An active member of the Choir

at School he performed at

‘The Royal Albert Hall’ aged 13.


Denny has written and recorded

with top Songwriter/Producer

Guy Chambers. Who famously

produced a string of Top 40 hits

for Robbie Williams including ‘Angels’.


Denny’s music and voice have been used on Sky TV,

Channel 4's 'Hollyoaks'

and has received airplay on National radio in Britain and Australia.  


In 2004 Denny Won A BBC Talent contest with his original song ‘Concerned’ and was a finalist for 'VH1 Song Of The Year' with a another of his compositions ‘Breathe’

Denny has written recorded and Co-Produced several albums

and has had a top 10 hit album on I-tunes

Denny Put Out Pic

Denny also runs a music and audio production company Put Out Productions and teaches Ukelele,Music Technology,Bass,Acoustic and Electric guitar.

Lessons Gift Vouchers Available

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